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NRC Health

As healthcare silos break down and performance data plays a more critical role in everything from payment policy to care transitions and delivery models, healthcare providers are increasingly focused on understanding and managing patients across the entire care continuum.

Board members, healthcare executives, and physician leaders are charged with supporting these efforts to lead and govern their organizations. For this reason, NRC Health, the parent company of The Governance Institute, is best positioned to empower healthcare providers, payers, and other organizations across the continuum.

For more than 30 years, NRC Health has been at the forefront of patient-centered care. Today, the company’s visionary focus on customer-centric healthcare extends patient-centered care to incorporate families, physicians, long-term care communities, post-acute agencies and programs, caregivers and employees, and many other stakeholders. What sets NRC Health apart is an amazing breadth and depth of experience collecting, measuring, analyzing, and reporting on multiple types of data across the continuum of care.

NRC Health and The Governance Institute offer solutions to help providers understand patients outside the healthcare system—enabling true customer-centric care.

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