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Member Benefits

Make better decisions

Your board can’t make educated decisions without the right context. But a board that engages in intentional, ongoing development will guide your organization down the right path. Examples from your peers will inform and validate your board so they can make the best decisions to deliver on your mission.


Improve your culture

In order to have a patient-centered culture, it must start at the highest level – with the board. Research shows certain board practices are actually tied with better outcomes and higher reimbursement. Doing the right things in the boardroom will enable you to align all clinicians and staff around a common vision.


More constructive discussions

When all board members have a high level of governance and healthcare knowledge, you will spend less time in meetings trying to make sure everyone is on the same page. With board members and executives speaking the same language, discussions can focus on the strategic areas where the organization needs the board to be a thought partner.


Save time

Governance is a major time commitment—both for board members and the executives and staff who work with the board. The Governance Institute will help you use board time as effectively as possible and save countless hours researching and locating educational information.


Eliminate costs

If you are pulling from different sources for board education and development resources, you are likely spending a lot more than you need to. Instead, you can turn to The Governance Institute for a comprehensive development program in one bundle. However, these cost savings are miniscule compared to what many of our members tell us they have saved by being a part of our network. Implementing the right strategies at the board level can prevent costly mistakes and help your organization realize significant organizational efficiencies.


Connect with peers

Members tell us they want validation they are focused on the right areas and that they want to learn from others who are dealing with the same issues and challenges. The Governance Institute is unique in offering opportunities for board members to connect with other board members, and offering forums for executives to connect with each other specifically to focus on governance.


Join a movement

More than 1100 organizations have committed to effective governance by becoming a part of our member network. Join a group of healthcare organizations who have pledged to share their stories, learn from others, and travel down the path of intentional governance.