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Board Self-Assessments

The Governance Institute's Board Self-Assessment

BoardCompass® gives board members the opportunity to critically assess their overall performance. Members use this tool to gauge the board's performance against The Governance Institute’s comparative database of hospitals and health systems. The assessment process provides a basis for board education and planning and is the first step toward optimal board performance.

To create an updated assessment that reflects today’s governance challenges, we performed an extensive environmental scan of national governance practices, collaborated with The Governance Institute’s advisors, and examined the recommended practices and standards set by multiple industry sources including, but not limited to, Baldrige Award recipients, The Joint Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, and Moody’s Investors Service. We trust that this updated tool will lend itself to our member organizations’ improved governance development as a thoughtful driver of change and a catalyst for action.

The updates we made include:
  • Providing a single 59-question assessment, which enriches the national average benchmark and provides a simplified process for survey users
  • Adding two open-ended questions and valuable anecdotal information
  • Updating survey items that reflect current recommendations for governance responsibilities/legal expectations of boards and board members
  • Changing the question scales to provide more statistically relevant results data
The board self-assessment analysis includes:
  • Your board’s results compared item by item, by category, and by overall rating with our national database
  • The Governance Institute’s Elements of Governance® Board Self-Assessment: A Core Responsibility publication for aiding board chairs, CEOs, governance committees, and other governance leaders in interpretation of the assessment results, presentation of the results to the board, and developing an action plan for improving the board’s performance and ensuring ongoing effectiveness
  • A one-hour consultation of the results included in your membership with a Governance Institute expert

To take advantage of this exclusive benefit of membership, contact our Member Services Team at

The Governance Institute's Committee Self-Assessment

The first of their kind, The Governance Institute’s new committee assessments are comprised of a variety of items asking how effectively your organization’s board committees observe recommended practices and is designed to measure how well your committee performs in select recommended practice areas. These assessments are a benefit of membership with The Governance Institute and are intended to assess how the committee perceives its overall performance as a whole.

High-performing committees are a powerful tool for ensuring that critical governance activities are consistently addressed and given the focus they need. Committees do not replace the work of the board, but rather aid the full board in fulfilling its responsibilities in a more efficient, manageable way. Assessing your committee’s performance will help you better understand areas of strength and weakness, develop an action plan for performance improvement, track improvement goals, and therefore enhance committee and board performance.

The Governance Institute designed nine, unique committee assessments for the most commonly occurring committees based on its findings in its Biennial Survey of Hospitals and Healthcare Systems:
  • Finance Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Finance & Audit Committee
  • Quality Committee
  • Strategy Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Executive Compensation Committee
  • Executive & Executive Compensation Committee
  • Governance Committee
The committee assessments’ structure consists of:
  1. A set of general governance items applicable to any committee and across your organization’s committees
  2. A set of committee-specific items for each of the nine committee assessments

This design enables your organization’s board committees to learn from each other as well as individually assess their performance on The Governance Institute’s industry-leading recommended committee practices. When your organization receives the results, the committees will be able to compare and cross-pollinate their strengths across all of the board’s committees for improved governance development and performance.

If you would like more information about The Governance Institute’s committee self-assessments, contact your Account Manager or call (877) 712-8778.