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McDermott Will & Emery Podcasts

Governing Health brings director-level education out of the boardroom with succinct, engaging, issue-based episodes available at the director's convenience. When tightly packed board agendas preclude adequate ongoing education for health care directors, this monthly series moderated by McDermott governance partner Michael W. Peregrine fills the gap.

New Approaches to Board Composition and the Role of the Nominating Committee

New governance challenges are dramatically changing the approach of the nominating committee to board composition. Just what is the most effective mix of thought, background, expertise and experience to fill the board? Discover these trends in board composition, and how matters of organizational dynamics and legal requirements are supporting the committee’s functions, as Michael Peregrine welcomes David Nygren, President of Nygren Consulting, to the latest episode of Governing Health.

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What Health Care Boards Need to Know about Business Disruption 

We are starting to see signs of disruption in health care (growth of retail clinics, telemedicine, genomics and other new models and technology), but it remains to be seen whether health care will experience the kind of major disruption that we have seen in so many other industries and how health care boards should prepare their organizations.

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The Board's Response to Signs of Financial Distress

Michael Peregrine and McDermott health care restructuring partner Bill Smith discuss a critical aspect of the board’s oversight duties: the expectation that the board be able to promptly identify and react to warning signs of organizational or financial distress.

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Dealing with Dysfunctional Boards: A Conversation with David Nygren

In addition to being a CEO’s nightmare, a dysfunctional board can threaten an organization’s success and survival. Michael Peregrine and guest Dr. David Nygren discuss types of board dysfunction, including the dreaded “nice board,” as well as how to diagnose the underlying issues and manage the subsequent changes required.

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Health Industry Job Market: An Economic Update for the Board

Monitoring the impact of prevailing economic conditions on the health care industry—particularly jobs data—can provide a director with tremendous insight into specific areas of growth and decline within the health care sector. This helps inform board strategy in general, and the agenda of the strategic planning, finance and human resources committees in particular.

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Executive Compensation Trends: a Board Update

Establishing CEO compensation is a complex, highly-regulated exercise that can send a strong message about an organization’s culture and goals. In this episode, Michael Peregrine hosts a wide-ranging discussion of this evolving boardroom concern with two of the leading voices on executive compensation trends and practices in health care, Ralph DeJong, a McDermott executive compensation and benefits partner, and Tim Cotter, Chairman and Managing Director of Sullivan, Cotter and Associates.

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Preparing for Change in Washington

With health care at the top of the new administration’s to-do list, one thing is certain: change is afoot. In this episode, Michael Peregrine interviews Eric Zimmerman, a Washington-based McDermott partner, and Chip Falahee, Senior Vice President for Legal and Legislative Affairs at Bronson Healthcare Group, to discuss how boards can prepare for the changes ahead – particularly with regard to the Affordable Care Act.

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