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2014 BoardRoom Press
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December 2014   |    ePub

  • Moving up the Integration Pyramid
  • Special Section: Palliative Care Is Person-Centered at Its Core: A Look at the Role of Palliative Care in the Transition to Value-Based Care
  • Three Datasets Should Drive Governing Boards
  • Advisors' Corner: Metrics for Success: As Four Forces Disrupt Healthcare, Hospitals Deployed New Strategies for 2024

October 2014   |    ePub

  • The Advantage of Interim CEO Leadership
  • Unifying the Medical Staff: A Critical Look at New CMS Conditions of Participation
  • Special Section: Strategic Quality Oversight by the Hospital/Health System Board of Directors
  • The Leadership Magic behind Those Transforming Healthcare Today
  • Advisors' Corner: Metrics for Success: Seven Reasons Why Price Transparency Must Be a Top Strategic Priority Now

August 2014   |    ePub

  • Launching, Leading, and Realizing Benefits from Change Initiatives: A 21st-Century Skill
  • The "Three Cs” of Succession Planning
  • Special Section: The Expanding Range of Strategic Alternatives Available in Hospital System Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Palliative Care Quality Network: Improving the Quality of Caring
  • Advisors' Corner: Metrics for Success: Strategic Planning for 2024

June 2014   |    ePub

  • The Health Reform Questions You Should Be Asking
  • Moving from Good to Great Governance: A Case Study on the Successful Implementation of a Governance Restructuring
  • Special Section: The Board’s Role in Quality and Patient Safety Performance Measurement
  • Hospital Strategic Transactions: A Look at Recent Popular Strategies
  • Advisors' Corner: Metrics for Success: Healthcare Consumerism: An Emerging Trend That Will Impact Providers over the Next Decade

April 2014   |    ePub

  • Avoiding Costly Mistakes
  • Innovative Healthcare Delivery: What It Is, and What It Is Not
  • Special Section: The Board’s Role in Physician Leadership Development
  • Governance Institute Member Hospital Shares Baldrige Lessons
  • Advisors' Corner: Metrics for Success: The Organization and Governance of Hospitals and Health Systems in 2024

February 2014   |    ePub

  • Accountable Care’s Maine Experience
  • The Board’s Role in Creating Patient-Centered Care
  • Special Section: How to Increase Board Engagement in Quality and Finance
  • Restructuring Physician Leadership in Evolving Health Systems
  • Advisors' Corner: System Governance: Small, Skilled, and Sharp