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How Do Gun Violence and Healthcare Leadership Relate?

Thursday, October 8, 2015  
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Inspirational keynote address at upcoming healthcare conference puts the drive and momentum back into minds of leaders

By: Zach Griffin, General Manager, The Governance Institute


The Governance Institute is thrilled to host its Chairperson, CEO, and Physician Leader Conference in November in Tucson, Arizona. And we’re even more excited about this year’s amazing keynote speakers.

I am proud to announce that Gabrielle Giffords and Captain Mark Kelly will be kicking off the conference on opening night. You may remember Gabrielle as a former Arizona Congresswoman, but also as a victim of an assassination attempt in 2011. Her husband, Mark, is a retired US Navy combat veteran, test pilot, and NASA astronaut. Gabrielle’s unthinkable attack inspired the couple to begin a non-profit organization called Americans for Responsible Solutions, an organization that encourages the country’s leaders to stand up for laws that make communities safer from gun violence.

You might be asking yourself, “how does gun violence relate to The Governance Institute?” Great question. Gabrielle and Mark will co-present on a topic entitled “Endeavour to Succeed,” which certainly correlates with the challenges our healthcare leaders are facing today. So many CEOs, executives, and board leaders I speak with regularly tell me how often they are presented with different leadership initiatives that span across the many facets of their organizations. And frankly, they don’t always have the time or resources to execute them–let alone execute them with a purpose toward better patient care. Let’s face it—it’s daunting. But sometimes the real challenge lies in the ability to sustain the persistence and dedication these CEOs, executives, and board leaders need to successfully conquer those initiatives. That’s where Gabrielle and Mark’s keynote address comes into play—setting the tone of the conference with an inspirational message that puts drive and momentum back into the minds of these leaders.


Gabrielle’s assassination attempt made overwhelming news headlines and her story certainly hit home with thousands of citizens across the U.S.; but her persistence—and endeavor to succeed—is what is making the most impactful difference today. She clearly demonstrated that even a significant setback didn’t stop her from continuing to serve people and make our communities safer. She overcame immeasurable odds in order to achieve success. Why should healthcare leaders be different? They are challenged with setbacks both large and small, almost daily. It’s the leaders’ drive that predicts how they can propel their organizations forward to build the next generation of healthcare delivery.


If you’re searching for a conference centered around on success through adversity, this is the conference for you. 


The Governance Institute is sincerely honored to host Gabrielle and Mark and we hope you can join us in Tucson.