Alignment of Governance and Leadership in Healthcare: Building Momentum for Transformation








Is your organization prepared to answer questions like these?

Are you directing charitable resources towards proactive strategies that address key drivers of poor health in your communities?
Are you building partnerships with external community stakeholders to align and leverage your resources?
Are you working to eliminate the root causes of preventable disease and subsequent health costs?
Have you used geographic information systems to identify and focus in areas where health disparities are concentrated?

Healthcare leaders and board members across the country are facing issues like these each day, and our research shows there is no single correct way to solve them. 

Because of these complex challenges and the pressure to drive measureable improvements to health, The Governance Institute in partnership with Stakeholder Health, and the Public Health Institute (PHI), and with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has begun implementing a national strategy to help you build, manage, and maintain a population health and community benefit strategy designed specifically for the local geography in which you serve. 

Become a part of this revolutionary transformation by attending the next intensive, October 29–30, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. The focus will be on building knowledge and understanding of population health concepts and strategies for alignment with community stakeholders. 

There is no cost to participate and attendees are invited to join The Governance Institute’s October Leadership Conference (immediately following the conclusion of this program). 

Dr. Kevin Barnett, Dr.P.H., M.C.P., Senior Investigator for PHI and community benefit expert, will lead this strategic program and will be joined by a distinguished group of faculty. 

Participating organizations should include one senior executive leader (i.e., CEO, CNO, CFO, CMO, or EVP) and at least three board members from individual hospitals and/ or at the health system level. 

All participants in the intensive will complete an organizational self-assessment and will identify areas of focus for potential innovations. Following the intensive, the project team will convene brief calls with senior leader/board member groups once every other month for one year to share the latest tools and research findings from the field. Groups will also share updates on issues, opportunities, challenges, and emerging lessons. The project team will support a collaborative learning process by hosting at least three Webinars that provide the opportunity for groups to share innovations and lessons with their colleagues. 

To view the learning objectives and details of this unique program series, please click here.

For more information and to register for the leadership conference click here.

Your community is counting on you.

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