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Intentional Governance Guides
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Creating an effective board takes work and intent. We define Intentional Governance as: deliberate and intentional processes addressing board structure, dynamics, and culture that enable the board to realize its highest potential.

There are seven essential elements of governance: board recruitment, board structure, board culture, education and development, evaluation and performance, continuous governance improvement, and leadership succession planning. Each guide in this series is designed to provide takeaway tools and assist readers in developing customized Intentional Governance plans related to each essential element.


Board Leadership Succession Planning: An Intentional Governance Guide: Trends, Tips, and Tools

The governing board should have an idea about when board leaders contemplate leaving the board so that the board can effectively identify new members in advance of their departure, in order to continue the vital governance leadership continuity loop. The quality of board leadership is extremely important to the board’s ongoing success and sustainability. The board should place as much importance on board leadership succession planning as it does on succession planning for the CEO. This guide detail solutions for each essential element of board leadership succession planning.



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