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Elements of Governance
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An online series that provides the fundamentals of healthcare governance, including checklists and customizable templates.

The Role of the Board Chairperson, Third Edition
September 2016

The purpose of this publication is to serve as a high-level overview of how a direc­tor’s role changes when he or she becomes a board leader. For some this is a smooth transition; for others it may be more difficult than originally thought. Some find it awk­ward at first to be elevated to a position authority and leadership over one’s peers. This Elements of Governance® will provide context, a backdrop, and a framework for making the chair experience satisfying and acceptable for those new to the position, as well as for those who have had longer tenure in this leadership position in their organization.



Conflict of Interest, Third Edition
September 2016

The manner in which individual directors and governing boards of non-profit corporations address conflicts of interest is of critical importance, for both legal/tax compliance and reputational reasons. This Elements of Governance® is intended to provide board members, senior executives, and general counsel with a greater appreciation of applicable public policy considerations, legal principles, and practical applications of conflict-of-interest oversight and management.



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