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The Governance Institute publishes in-depth research, analysis, and tools for best practices in healthcare governance to help boards stay ahead of the curve.

The Governance Institute has several resources for helping our members effectively govern their organizations, including an orientation toolkit, resource collections, self-assessments, and online tutorials on governance basics.

All resources are available for members to download at no charge. Some resources are also available for non-members to purchase at a specified non-member price. For a complete listing of publications and resources for sale, please view our Resource Catalog.

The following multimedia resources are available to members:
  • Webinars:  Educational 60-minute programs presented by national healthcare governance experts.
  • Videos:  Video programs of varying lengths covering all governance topics of concern, most of which are short  and appropriate to view during a board meeting or education session.
  • Conference Videos:  A selection of educational and interactive conference sessions featuring our expert speakers and faculty. 
 Board Orientation: A select list of online resources that focus on what new board members needs to know to get a head start on being an effective director.

Collections of publications and resources for specific member groups: Intentional Governance: There are seven essential elements of governance: board recruitment, board structure, board culture, education and development, evaluation and performance, continuous governance improvement, and leadership succession planning. Intentional governance resources are designed to provide takeaway tools and assist readers in developing customized Intentional Governance plans related to each essential element.

Board Assessments:
  • Board Self-Assessment: The board self-assessment gives board members the opportunity to critically assess their overall performance. Members use this tool to measure the board’s performance against the nation’s largest comparative healthcare governance database, and as a starting point for a governance enhancement plan.
  • Committee Self-Assessment: The committee self-assessments determine how effectively board committees observe recommended practices and measure how well committees perform in select recommended practice areas.
  • Individual Board Member Assessment: The individual board member assessment measures your performance against 25 recommended individual board member expectations and determines how you, and your fellow board members perceive your performance as a board member.
  • Physician Group Practice Assessment: The items which comprise the physician group practice assessment have been structured to reliably measure your physician group's leadership against recommended governance practices and determines how your physician group perceives its overall performance.
  • CEO Performance Evaluation: The CEO performance evaluation has been structured to reliably measure your CEO's performance and accountability against recommended performance measures and determines how your board perceive's your CEO's overall performance.
Additional Resources:  The Governance Institute collaborates with many other organizations that share our goal of improving board performance to improve healthcare performance. We are pleased to make external resources from these organizations available to Governance Institute members.