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The Governance Institute publishes in-depth research, analysis, and tools for best practices in healthcare governance to help boards stay ahead of the curve.

Governance Institute members have access to a comprehensive library of governance publications, videos, and Webinars in a variety of lengths and formats. These resources cover a range of governance issues from best practices for effective board performance to current issues and trends in the industry. Our publications provide members with access to resources written by the foremost experts in healthcare governance, as well as real-life perspectives from providers and member organizations.

All publications are available for members to download at no charge. If members would like hard copies, they can order them online. Many publications are also available for non-members to purchase at a specified non-member price. For a complete listing of publications for sale, please view our Resource Catalog.

The comprehensive list of resources includes:

BoardRoom Press: A bimonthly journal of news, resources, and events.

E-Briefings:  A bimonthly online newsletter with governance articles, new publications, and upcoming events.

Governance Notes: A quarterly e-newsletter designed specifically for governance support professionals with information and expert opinions in the area of hospital and health system governance and updates on services and events at The Governance Institute.


System Focus: A monthly e-newsletter  created especially for our system members to highlight publications, resources, and news on system-specific topics, as well as information on upcoming events.  An exclusive article written just for our system members is included in each newsletter.

Elements of Governance: An online series that provides the fundamentals of healthcare governance, including checklists and templates to customize for your board.

White Papers: In-depth essentials for your governance library.

Case Studies: Success stories at other member organizations that provide lessons and opportunities for others to consider.

Signature Publications: The Governance Institute publishes signature publications  that represent our most in-depth resources on the most important governance challenges. They often include new research related to core topics, as well as a range of discussion questions and potential solutions to explore.

Biennial Surveys of Hospitals and Healthcare Systems: The Governance Institute surveys all non-profit, acute care hospitals and health systems every other year to take a deep look at how their boards are structured, what practices boards have adopted to fulfill their fiduciary duties and core responsibilities, and how well boards are performing in these oversight areas. This is the only survey of its kind, published in a detailed report of results and includes a list of recommended practices that is among the industry standard.

Conference Proceedings: Insights from our past Chairperson, CEO, and Physician Leader Conferences and online proceedings from System forums.

Healthcare Acronyms & Terms: A reference booklet full of the most common, need-to-know acronyms and terms in the healthcare industry.