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A 360° Learning Experience Based on Your Expertise

Whether you are a board member, physician leader, or executive leader, our Joint Accreditation and ACHE-certified e-learning courses have you covered. Comprehensive learning and retention are reinforced through dilemma-based modules that apply your learning to real-world situations.

  • Fundamental Fiduciary Duties
  • How the Board Accomplishes Work
  • Board Responsibilities: Quality Oversight and Financial Oversight
  • Board Responsibilities: Strategic Direction and Mission Oversight
  • Board Responsibilities: Board Development, Management Oversight, and Community Benefit and Advocacy
  • Committees: The Workhorses of the Board
  • Gaining Perspective to Serve Effectively: An Overview of the Healthcare Industry
  • With more courses to come, we will be continuously adding to our library, so stay tuned!

Our courses will enhance your knowledge within your important role and ensure that you understand your key duties and responsibilities, and how to apply good judgement in a variety of real-world scenarios and key topic areas.

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