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Kaufman Hall provides management consulting services and enterprise performance management software that help organizations solve key business issues and achieve their strategic and financial goals. Since 1985, they have been a trusted advisor to boards and executive management teams, helping them come to terms with changing industry conditions and develop and execute plans and initiatives that ensure long-term success. Click here to learn more

What the First Days of the Trump Administration Mean for Healthcare Providers
This article discusses how provider organizations need to monitor and plan for changes that are emerging from the Donald Trump Administration—changes that could have a material effect on finances and operations.
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New Hospital Collaborations Are Reshaping the Healthcare Landscape
This podcast describes innovative collaborations that are emerging as healthcare organizations seek synergies to succeed in a value-based business model that demands expanded scale.
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Fostering Physician Leaders
Healthcare providers are increasingly being asked to demonstrate improvements in patient outcomes and care quality as the healthcare industry transitions toward a value-based business model. Having strong physician leaders involved in governance, management, quality, and strategy is essential for organizations to succeed in a value-based environment. Dr. Matt Lambert, a Senior Vice President with Kaufman Hall, shares insight on how to foster physician leaders in your organization.
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The Need for Innovation in Healthcare-The Drivers and Areas of Opportunity
Disruptive innovation is reshaping healthcare by challenging legacy healthcare providers and traditional care delivery models. The need for hospitals, health systems, and others to develop an innovation strategy is more critical than ever. In the first of our two-part series on innovation, Todd Fitz, a Senior Vice President in the Strategy practice of Kaufman Hall, joins us to talk about the many forces that are driving the need for change, and how providers can begin to develop such a strategy.
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Innovation in Other Industries - Lessons for Healthcare Providers
Rapid changes in today’s healthcare environment are driving the need for hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers to rethink traditional approaches to care delivery. While other industries have long adopted systemic innovation techniques, such approaches are relatively new to healthcare. In the second of our two-part series on innovation, David Crosswhite, a Senior Vice President in the Strategy practice of Kaufman Hall, joins us to discuss what healthcare providers can learn from innovation strategies in other industries.
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