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2017 Education Agenda

“Intentional Governance” is a framework under which high-performing boards can build efficiencies and innovative capabilities to succeed in transforming healthcare. Creating a board that is as nimble and effective as the organization it oversees takes intent and focus—in other words, leadership through Intentional Governance. The Governance Institute’s education programs and publications are designed to support this level of board and executive leadership.

The Governance Institute’s 2017 Education Agenda serves as the framework for conference programs, publications, and Webinars for the year:
  • Picking up the Pace: Accelerating Value & Innovation: Determine the appropriate pace of change for your organization to expand value-based care delivery through innovative patient-centered care strategies.
  • Disruptor Strategies: Creating Consumer Loyalty across the Continuum: Build internal competencies to become a “disruptor” in the healthcare space with a focus on building consumer loyalty throughout all care settings.
  • From Quality Improvement to High-Value Care: Identify new ways to improve quality while reducing costs and enhancing the patient experience.
  • Building, Improving, & Sustaining Population Health: Assess your organization’s current position and desired future on the population health journey and discern key strategies for expanding efforts in a sustainable manner.
  • Risk & Cybersecurity: Translating Data into Meaningful Strategies: Enhance data protection capabilities and develop core competencies to transform data into useable, actionable information.
  • Community Health: Local Governance & Partnerships for Change: Define priorities and engage local communities to improve health through alliances with organizations that can influence outcomes.
In addition to the key areas of focus listed above, the following ongoing governance education topics will be addressed in 2017 programs and publications:
  • Intentional Governance in Practice
  • Aligning Multi-Tiered Governance in Systems
  • Integrating Strategic & Financial Oversight
  • Physician Leaders as Change Agents in the New Healthcare Paradigm
  • Management vs. Governance: The Right Way to Direct & Influence Change
  • The Foundation Board’s Role in Increasing Community Engagement & Outreach

Ongoing governance education is available throughout the year via our conferences, publications, Webinars, videos, and customized education solutions. In-depth original research, online tools, board self-assessments, and industry-leading conference speakers form a cohesive curriculum to help all healthcare leaders—board members, senior executives, clinical leaders, and governance support professionals—perform at their highest levels.

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