Alignment of Governance and Leadership in Healthcare: Building Momentum for Transformation









“Are we required to participate in all three Alignment of Governance and Leadership in Healthcare intensives?”
Absolutely not; each intensive and the follow up engagements (i.e., bi-monthly check in calls to discuss progress and emerging lessons, cross-site collaborative learning Webinars) serve as a “stand-alone” learning and support process. That having been said, any hospital or health system board/leadership team is welcome to participate in subsequent intensives if they would like to deepen learning in their organization. In such a case, it may make sense to bring members of your board or senior leadership who did not attend the prior intensive, and who would benefit from the learning experience.

“Are the Alignment of Governance and Leadership in Healthcare intensives only for health system boards and senior leadership?”
The AGLH intensives are intended for boards and senior leadership at all levels; health system boards, subsidiary boards of larger systems, and individual hospital boards. In an environment of consolidation, it is becoming increasingly important to give attention to subsidiary boards and leadership of larger systems. This will ensure that both the breadth and depth of competencies are aligned with the larger healthcare transformation process, and that they are tailored to the challenges and opportunities of improving health in unique local and regional environments.

“Can I come alone to an Alignment of Governance and Leadership in Healthcare intensive?”
The AGLH intensives and the follow up engagements are designed to build common knowledge and understanding of the emerging challenges and opportunities in the transformation of healthcare among boards of trustees and senior leaders. Particular attention will be paid to strategies that position hospitals to shift from volume to value in reimbursement, build population health capacity, and leverage resources through engagement of diverse stakeholders. As part of each intensive, teams will assess current status and dynamics in their own system, and design a tailored strategy to be implemented in the next year that addresses key elements of the transformation process. There will be bi-monthly follow up calls with teams and periodic collaborative learning Webinars over the following year to discuss progress, challenges, and emerging lessons. 

Given the structure of the intensive and focus on building common knowledge among boards and senior leaders, participation of individuals does not meet the central intent. However, if there is available space, we will reserve a table for individuals who would like to observe the process. We will establish a waiting list of those individuals, with a commitment to confirm whether there is space for their attendance and observation within three weeks of each intensive.

“We are not currently members of The Governance Institute. Can we participate?
Yes, the Alignment of Governance and Leadership in Healthcare intensives are open to all hospitals and health system leadership teams and boards across the country, regardless of whether they are currently members of The Governance Institute. In addition, Governance Institute non-members are invited to stay after the intensive to participate in the subsequent Governance Institute Leadership Conference, as an opportunity to learn about the broader spectrum of educational services that are available.

What are the costs of participation in the intensives?
The Alignment of Governance and Leadership intensives, follow-up conference calls, and Webinars are supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. As a result, there are no registration costs for participants. Participants are only responsible for travel, accommodations, and related expenses. A limited number of hotel rooms will be available at a discounted rate negotiated by The Governance Institute. 

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